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It definatelly has the black and white red filter look above all the first frame you posted, I thought it was done in resolve tho, using rgb mixer or something like that.

I mean, it's a really tough decision to take on set, to filter so heavy the image knowing that theres not coming back.

I really respect cinematographers like that.

Margus, having the image already red filtered did help with noise?

I have done quite few b&w treatment and many times i go towards the red filter look, but most of the time i have to stop long before i would like (i'd love to get a b&w image as you got) as the image gets really noisy.




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Usually i got noise if under exposed like the shots inside. Outside with red filter not so much. At times when pushed really hard i saw some patterns emerge and i tried to avoid that but not the regular noise but some not so common patterns.

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yeah, sorry, that's what i meant.

I have never had shots that were filtered in camera.

I always worked on normal shots that i was treating like red filtered, using tools like rgb mixer or splitter and combiner getting rid of the green and blue channel.

But i always ended up needing to have the effect dialed down quite a lot because uncommon pattern were picking trough.

So it was interesting to see and know that shots filtered in camera were working muck nicer and you were able to achieve suck black skies and silvery skins

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