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Assimilate and Lowepost just released the SCRATCH Essential Tutorial Series with superstar instructor @Kevin P McAuliffe

SCRATCH is extremely powerful and a great addition for DaVinci Resolve colorists who want to add another excellent conform and finishing tool to their toolkit. If you are a premium member on Lowepost.com, you get 20% member discount on SCRATCH.

The SCRATCH trial can be downloaded here


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Interesting watch.

They made it clear how carrying the additional metadata across to editorial is so important and mentioned ALE files, so I guess the normal route is to use these ALE files with Avid Media Composer. I'm wondering how they would get this extra metadata across with an editing app like Premiere Pro?

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28 minutes ago, Margus Voll said:

that would be something of a strong point of Avid which is not talked much usually.

When I'm teaching Avid to my students, I start with a short presentation about how most features and long-form drama is edited on Avid.

The question I'm often asked is why? My answer is that it's not necessarily to do with the editing itself, but the handling of metadata and the media management. The workflows with Avid are long-established and work reliably.

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Hi Kevin, loved the series. I have a request for a few more episodes...

(1) In depth with "Frame Ref." vs. "Shot Ref" vs. "Snapshot" vs. "Add Copy" vs. "Memory" vs. "Trim Buffer" vs. "Alt-clicking a shot". In other words, how do you save, recall, and quickly apply your grades? How do you send them to clients? What are strategies for storing looks and comparing grades in the tray? And basically, what is the benefit to having so many different kinds of "stills."

(2) Best practices for using Neat Video on multiple shots. How to cache Neat Video as a node before your primary grade so you can have real-time playback with client in the room and make adjustments and keep real-time playback. How to add Neat Video when you've already started grading and realize you will need it, but don't want to lose your grade, and don't want to mess up your node tree. How to copy paste Neat Video settings between shots, when things seem to get messy with the matte/fill tool. Any other viable NR to Neat Video.

(3) Best way to make yourself roto mattes for grading. After Effects bridge and Mocha / Rotobrush? Some other plugin that's more native?




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A thought about the edit lesson. I found it odd that you  spent minutes talking about adding a LUT to the footage in the edit module and how to do a split screen,  but not a second about how to use editing tools. Having done dozens of training videos, I know what a pain it is to re-do a module. However, I'd like to suggest that you re-do the edit lesson to focus on the editing tools...which are woefully weak in Scratch, but it will do cuts and the like. How do you accomplish a cut on a specific clip on a specific track? How do you add a dissolve? The help menu does not show a short cut for a cut (DaVinci is 'B', Premier is 'C', Final Cut used to be 'R' but not sure what it is now)... is there a shortcut key for a simple cut?

Thanks for you effort. I use and teach Scratch from the DIT perspective. In that realm, the edit page is not/rarely used.


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@Robert Trim

Editing in Scratch can be a bit wonky due to the slot based nature of it all, but just a quick look at addressing some of your points. (Also keep in mind a firm understanding of "Fit In/Out" and "Fit Slots")

- Cmd + I = cut in scratch - it basically creates a new slot. Keep track of your In and Out points for that media and the slot length though. Can also get to this under Edit > Timeline > Slot > Insert

- Dissolves are controlled under Edit > Video > Transitions to adjust both ends of the dissolve that bleed into the next or preceding slot.

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Thanks. And the whole slot thing is most likely why it will not be an approachable editor. Personally I don't think Assimilate should venture into that area with this program. DaVinci and others have way to big a lead. Being really good at color, metadata, asset manangement, and workflows is a really viable goal to continue on with.

Appreciate the response.


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2 minutes ago, Robert Trim said:

Personally I don't think Assimilate should venture into that area with this program.


I agree... and I think so does all of Assimilate. Scratch DOES need enough editing functionality for conforming, so it really does need an editor overhaul, but that's a far cry from making it into an NLE.

Mazze has said that the team is working on an editor overhaul for that reason, but I don't think they're going to try to go beyond that. Instead I think (this is an inference on my part) that they'll be working more on the infrastructure for hosting the Matchbox plugins, color tools, and that sort of thing rather than on pretending that they can be everything for everyone.


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