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  1. Thanks. And the whole slot thing is most likely why it will not be an approachable editor. Personally I don't think Assimilate should venture into that area with this program. DaVinci and others have way to big a lead. Being really good at color, metadata, asset manangement, and workflows is a really viable goal to continue on with. Appreciate the response. Bob
  2. Kevin. A thought about the edit lesson. I found it odd that you spent minutes talking about adding a LUT to the footage in the edit module and how to do a split screen, but not a second about how to use editing tools. Having done dozens of training videos, I know what a pain it is to re-do a module. However, I'd like to suggest that you re-do the edit lesson to focus on the editing tools...which are woefully weak in Scratch, but it will do cuts and the like. How do you accomplish a cut on a specific clip on a specific track? How do you add a dissolve? The help menu does not show a short cut for a cut (DaVinci is 'B', Premier is 'C', Final Cut used to be 'R' but not sure what it is now)... is there a shortcut key for a simple cut? Thanks for you effort. I use and teach Scratch from the DIT perspective. In that realm, the edit page is not/rarely used. Bob