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  1. Hello, @Travis Ward @mike chapman @Clément Bouchet @Neil Angelo Briones @uong ngoc ! we are hardly working on Windows and Linux versions! will let you know once ready. @Lasse Selvli Baselight are in plans, keep in touch Final Cut version will come soon
  2. Hello! check this video. Our plugin provides the precisely measured Color head/printer lights process representation in Davinci. In a real world this tools works in unlinear manner - color changes unevenly and contrast is changing as well.
  3. Hello Guys! Dehancer is a film emulation plugin for Davinci Resolve, currently available for Mac users only. Works with: DaVinci Resolve 15 and later Mac OS Mojave 10.14 and later Metal-enabled GPU For many years we are running a film laboratory in Moscow, where we sell, develop and print film, both for photo and movie. Last 4 years we spent developing a plugin that emulates the processes and behaviour of a real film. It's not the LUT, it's a much more complex set of tools based on precisely measured analogue processes. Pro version includes Input camera profiles 52 Film profiles Expand tool Print options CMY Color Head Film Grain Bloom Halation v2 Defringe Vignette False Colors LUT Generator ACES support For our friends from Lowepost, we offer a 10% discount promo code DEHANCERIT10 for any product in our store. You can download a full version with watermark of our plugin on the website without registration. If you are a professional colorist and would like to receive a two weeks full trial to check on a real-life project, send us a private message here with your email and we will send you a license key shortly. Or reach us by email You can find more detailed information about the plugin in our blog Subscribe to our Instagram and youtube page If you have any questions please feel free to ask!