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  1. As someone whos still learning to grade, if I were to stick to one method of working with skin tone to keep things simple for now am I best keying skin in a layer mixer, parallel mixer, or using second input node and piping the key downstream (as on the tutorial on here)? Also why am sometimes unable to create a second input node?
  2. As someone whos new to colour I had a couple of questions if that's ok. Regarding resolve could some give an example of how I should be using pre clip level, clip level, post clip level, and timeline level. I know the general concept but need some clarity regarding the workflow
  3. I'm grading a music video and something about these two stills I'd bothering me. They're two different lighting situations and something is just bothering me about it. The first one looks alot more natural and subtle to me. Any feedback would be appreciated
  4. I'm trying to create a fixed node tree to help keep organized and wondered what sort of node tree layouts people are using atm? Care to share?
  5. I just wondered what corrections are best done in log before transforming to rec709
  6. Thanks for the reply, I know my question was extremely vague. I guess what I'm looking for is more information and techniques on creating looks like this with regards to what colours you push into lift gamma gain etc to give these subtle looks. If you wouldnt mind helping further I'm looking to re create something look wise similar to the look of bohemian rhapsody
  7. Would greatly appreciate some advice on how to go about recreating the look of this film. Not only the warmer screenshots but the cooler ones like the second from last pic. Thanks in advance
  8. Im still learning wondered if anyone could share with me some pointers how to get a professional subtly stylized high end look that you quite often see on commercials. I know its a broad question tho. Ive watched tutorial after tutorial about the technical side of things but very few actually explain the more creative side of things and the ones that do quite often miss the mark and still look amateurish. What colours do you normally push into the shadows and highlights for certain looks? looks like blue or teal in the shadows and yellow in the highlights but it doesn't look like the classic cheesy orange teal look. some professional tips would be much appreciated.
  9. I wondered if people could show me examples of fixed node trees that you're using
  10. Did you finish the fixed node tree tutorial?
  11. Thanks for the detailed reply. I think you know what I mean when I say some images look really saturated and 3d and "thick" without looking over saturated just looking like someone just raised the global saturation. I would love to learn more about specifically adjusting the hue/sat vs lum curves ect to achieve this this richness?
  12. Sorry what do you mean by tetra?
  13. Thanks for the detailed response