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  1. Would you say theres magenta in the highlights?
  2. Hows the vid on node trees coming along? I'm looking forward to it
  3. I recently watched the new TV series called "the north water" and loved the look of it. I'd like to try and recreate it and wondered if any experienced colourists could advise me on how to achieve the look. Il try and add a pic or two but otherwise checkout the trailer on YouTube
  4. Organization isnt my strongest attribute and colourgrading is relatively new to me. I was wondering if anyone had any recomendations on fixed node tree layouts that i could use accross multiple projects? Thanks in avance
  5. Im completely new here but doing my best to learn. Ive downloaded the colour grading course footage but how do i open the mxf files in davinci? It wont let me import them???