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  1. @Abby Bader Totally missed that! Thanks so much!
  2. So excited for this course - any update on release date?
  3. Hi Lowepost! I've loved this course and learned an incredible amount! I do have one question regarding the lesson on grit and texture - The instructor seems to be using a logC timeline color space for his projects, which I've embraced. When he goes into detail about using the LAB color space on a node for sharpening, when I try on my own footage I get an extreme highlight shift (gray blotchy highlights) from performing the LAB conversion. If I have my timeline colorspace set to rec709, I don't get these issues. What is the instructor doing differently, and why is it working for him? Thanks! Here is an example of what I'm seeing ....This is the ungraded log clip. Here is the log footage with a single LAB conversion node, no adjustments. Here is a version with an r709 output display at end of node tree. No other nodes. And here is the LAB conversion node with no adjustments and no other nodes, prior to the display output node.
  4. Oh snap! Can't wait for the masterclass! The professional color grading series was amazing, but I'm anxious to learn more! Glad I recently renewed my subscription 👍