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  2. would be fair to at least link to other 5.1 standards than the north american. people might have bought the cource not having been informed that you talk to a north american audience
  3. Resolve 16 has me looking at it very seriously as an option for future projects to streamline our workflow. On paper it looks like it could save a ton of time with our productions and delivery. I was hoping to see sections on shared proxy workflow vs optimized media and collaborative editing using the server, but this is a rock solid start as I've spent almost no time in the NLE side of Resolve. Thanks, I'm excited to be a member here while learning Resolve.
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  5. I bought them in the meantime. All that color transform feeding in and feeding out is over now. Just straight and smooth in Aces. Really pleased.
  6. What an amazing collection of useful editing lessons, I loved every one of them.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm using the Davinci Resolve for many years and I noticed it's missing a major "feature" that was in previous versions. (since version 14) When working in projects with a MASTER TIMELINE, I often grade within an AAF/XML timeline and render the master timeline. What's happening now is that when I'm in the AAF timeline, and I need to see the current clip in the MASTER timeline, I used to be able to just switch to it via the drop down over the record monitor. However, when I switch to the master timeliine now, it just goes to the head of the master timeline instead of the selected clip. No sync between the playhead of the timeline I'm working in and the master timeline anymore. I have already ticked the box "Sync master timeline to current frame" in the user preferences (I've also tried to restart resolve or build brand new projects) It is happening since version 14. I have tried this on PC, mac and many computers. I really don't know what I'm missing. Thank you for your time and sorry for the grammar. Cheers,
  8. Hi guys, first post here so sorry if this is not the right way to do it. I just wanted to know if they is a way to default to Grid and Orthogonal Pipes so I don't have to enable them every time I start a project. Thanks
  9. In a simple way, what formats and methods you use workflow with these programs after grading in Resolve.
  10. That's a broad question, can you be more specific?
  11. What workflow do you use to work with Avid / Nuke / Flame?
  12. Thanks you for bringing these comprehensive and high quality series of Resolve 16 video tutorial as well as the previous series. I have noticed that when the final exported file played back from Kevin’s desktop, -lesson L27: Exporting- it suffers from the same gamma shift syndrome that has been around for years in Resolve and other NLEs. It’s about when the exported files look low contrast and desaturated compared to Resolve Viewer or the external video reference. This is regardless if the displays are matching the calibration to specific color space output of Resolve or not, or if Resolve Video Range in the Delivery page and/or other pages is set to Auto, Video or Full range. It would be helpful if a Lowepost could make a video tutorial addressing the possible cause and workaround on this repeated issue. Thanks once again for the excellent series.
  13. Great tips guys, but unfortunately it seems none of them are compatible with Huawei. I might have to switch to something else anyway now.
  14. 6 hours of high-end editing training by award winning editor and instructor Kevin P McAuliffe is out now! The course content ranges from beginner to advanced and is the ultimate course for beginners and editors with background from the other major NLE's that are looking to transfer to DaVinci Resolve.
  15. Adobe Premier Rush might be worth investigating. I have never used it myself though
  16. iMovie is available on iPhones. Might not be a full functioning NLE but it's extremely impressive that you can shoot, cut, and deliver all from a phone.
  17. Yes, it takes some practice - node-based workflows can be confusing at the start. You might want to check out the "Introduction to Visual Effects in DaVinci Resolve Fusion" series at Lowepost. In it, I go over all the major categories of nodes and how to use many of them. Beyond that, the Fusion help manual has a descriptions of each node.
  18. Nice series, but for a beginner in Fusion, it is very confusing. How do you know which tool to put where in the node tree, and what tool to use out of the hundreds available? How do you know where to put the merge, transform, etc nodes? That's the big mystery. Are there any tutorials that go over all of these tools and when you would use each one, and in what order?
  19. Perfect. Thanks for being so prompt Sjors. Much appreciated. Great site by the way. Learnt so much.
  20. Thank you for bringing it to our attention @karl ellison, it was an error on our end that is resolved now
  21. Thanks for this Kevin. Looking forward to it. I can't seem to download the Exercise files though! Any advice? Regs Karl
  22. Sometimes a dream might become reality before you know it 😄
  23. I am looking for a software to edit films on mobile. Just to do simple cuts of existing films. Any good recommendations here? It must be possible to render the edited film out in MP4 with a good enough bit rate to keep the quality close to the source film.
  24. There are Fusion tutorials that explain spill suppression (using that max value of two channels to suppress the third). Search Simon Ubsdell. He's a Fusion instructor who goes into detail about that.
  25. I have been waiting for this, bravo!
  26. Any thoughts on dealing with DR's harsh highlights technically? I am trying to imitate the baselights carefully compressed very soft and soothing highlight roll off. Either by DCTL, or anything. Any tricks, at all? Thanks in advance.
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