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Trying to figure out the Baselight purchasing structure. I have e-mailed Baselight but so far no response so thought I would ask here. 

I am currently delving into the student edition which works as a stand alone application. My understanding right now is that moving forward I would need to purchase an entire baselight system in order to keep using the standard alone version which is not something I need at the moment.

The most realistic option if I end up adding Baselight to my tool set would be the Avid Editions version. Does the Avid edition have the complete features of the standalone ap or is this more a "light" version of the full application? 

The studios I freelance at currently use DR but I am intrigued by Baselight and am enjoying exploring the tool set (though I am finding that online resources for learning pale in comparison to DR, something that Baselight says they are addressing). Any info on the pricing structure and/or the Avid version would be appreciated..


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from a user viewpoint, BLE's tools are awesome complement to MC,

but not being able to navagate the timeline so one can play a sequence for review in context (BLE is locked to one clip at a time only) is problematic,

the workaround of closeing the software playing a seq in MC's ui, then launching the software is also problematic

Unlwess / Untill that is sorted, my hopes are for Daylight to get ported to Linux... i'm not going to buy a trashcan, and last time i looked that's the only machine it will run on






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Hi Aaron,


In which area are you based, so I can put you in contact with our sales team regarding Baselight.

About Baselight Editions:

We have greatly improved shot navigation from within the Baselight Interface in Baselight for Avid 4.4m1. You can navigate, playback, compare and copy and paste grades between shots without leaving the Baselight interface.

I hope some of this helps


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