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  1. Aaron Rosapepe

    Grading Red footage and Black Magic Braw in one session?

    Thanks @dermot.shane and @Tom Evans I will start researching your suggestions. Appreciate it!
  2. Greetings, I am about to start editing a project that has been shot on both Red Dragon and Black Magic Ursa Pro 4.6K. I have never graded a project using different raw formats in one session and am trying to formulate a workflow plan now so I won't get caught off guard during finishing. Is it possible to set more then one raw format on a single timeline in Resolve so the correct color science is being interpreted? If not, what would the most efficient approach be? Any thoughts / advice appreciated!
  3. Aaron Rosapepe

    Beauty retouching

    I finally had some time to download the demo of Mocha Pro and try out the "remove" features and was very impressed. With just a few clean plates on a shot I was able to remove a blemish as the subject turned her head. It really seems to do a great job with matching the light as well. I have to say I'm surprised Adobe didn't think of this first considering Mocha is using a similar technology to the "heal" tool to interpolate between the clean plates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdIbciXqgic
  4. Aaron Rosapepe

    Fusion / Nuke

    Black Magic's penchant for hyperbole aside, I can't afford to buy into Nuke or Flame so I'm looking forward to discovering what Fusion has to offer.
  5. Aaron Rosapepe

    Fusion tutorials?

    Looks like there's a recent course on FXPHD. I enjoyed their DR training so may be worth a look. https://www.fxphd.com/details/564/
  6. Aaron Rosapepe

    Beauty retouching

    For those of you interested in Fusion, the author of this course for Nuke mentioned in a youtube comment that he has a re-touching course for Fusion as well. Not sure if it's in the works or finished but if I find out anymore, I will report back. https://www.fxphd.com/details/462/
  7. Aaron Rosapepe

    Black Eyed Peas "Ring the Alarm"

    A recent project that I cut and contributed motion graphics to. Color grade was done by Shinya Sato at Cosmo Street. This project really resonated with me and hope some others will enjoy it as well.
  8. Aaron Rosapepe

    Skin tones when reducing highlights

    Finished that one up a few weeks ago. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
  9. Aaron Rosapepe

    VSCO Film Presets for Resolve

    Never heard of that plug-in, thanks!
  10. Aaron Rosapepe

    Kicking off with clients

    In your experience, what do most clients expect to see in terms of different looks prior to committing to one aesthetic?
  11. Aaron Rosapepe

    Kicking off with clients

    I would love to get some insight as to how you all kick off the first grading session. I'm courting more freelance projects and am finding it's tough to get the ball rolling with some people as they really don't know what they want. I don't want to waste time exploring the wrong path as most of these projects are low/no pay to build up my reel. How do you deal with new clients? Do you ask for reference? Do you offer to grade a couple of stills to get the ball rolling? What have you found to be the most effective way to hone in on what your client really wants?
  12. Aaron Rosapepe

    VSCO Film Presets for Resolve

    I like the VSCO stuff myself but Im not a professional photographer. Ill usually find a look I like then bring it into photoshop and mix it back into the original image until I get the look I desire. It would be nice if you could do this right in Lightroom but it's a nice way to back off on the effect. Nice work on your site btw.
  13. Aaron Rosapepe

    Skin tones when reducing highlights

    Thanks Abby. I think the director is asking me to push it past a point that it's not really working but I will give that a go.
  14. Aaron Rosapepe

    VSCO Film Presets for Resolve

    Hi Nicolas, I love the VSCO presets for photography. I wish I had more technical knowledge of what was happening under the hood for you but pretty sure there's no magic to it as they work right within Lightroom. I think they've just done their homework as far as coming up with looks that can feel very natural or more processed depending on one's aesthetic. I usually use them for a little film grain and I like the emulations they achieve (a couple of my photos attached). I think Ill have a go of analyzing a few of my favorite settings and see if I can emulate in Resolve. Should be good practice!
  15. I've been getting the opportunity to color grade social media vids but mostly product type shoots with the product being the main focus. I'm taking on personal projects to develop my craft and hopefully get more interesting gigs eventually. Im currently grading a short film that features an african-american male and an asian female both lit mainly from a single light source above. The initial pass looked great but the director has me crushing the highlights more and more to try and put the actors in a "candle lit" vibe which is a bit of a challenge due to the practical light on set. I've been working between a balance of lowering the gamma, gain and highlights. While I now have it at a place that feels closer to the look he was hoping for, I am noticing greenish tints around the highlights on the skin. Is this a common side effect of crushing the highlights down or just inexperience on my part? I've tried all kinds of approaches to eliminate the tint and get the skin tones looking natural again but haven't hit on the magic settings quite yet. Any tips/advice is appreciated.