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Groups in Scratch

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Could you recommend a workflow to get similar way of working please?
May be to copy and paste layer, which contains group grading, or sort of linking one layer's controls to another layer controls.
I need to grade a music video which has a lot of shots in different locations. I have 10-12 locations with different camera angles in each location. Typical situation. In Davinci I always create a look and some similar corrections for all the shots of the scene using group nodes. While I use windows in clip nodes. If I need to correct look, I don't have to do it for all the shots. Is there any way to get similar workflow in  Scratch now? May be it is possible to save just one layer to memory slots instead of the whole grade?

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So, if you wanna save a single layer, you would do that in the gallery.

Therefore, open the Tray and select the Gallery tab - now you can just drag&drop a layer form the layer stack into the gallery and recall it from there anytime you need it.

Next, if you have a layer on all shots, that's called e.g. "correct" and you alter that on the first shot and want to copy paste it to all other shots, then you can do that by selecting the layer in the layer stack, hit copy.

Then hit paste and make sure "Named Layer" is active - now hit paste forward and confirm.

SCRATCH will now look for a layer named "correct" ion all shots onwards and if it finds it on a shot, update it.

Note, that you can also set an outpoint on the mini timeline inside Matrix - in this case, SCRATCH will only paste forward until it reaches the outpoint.

Hope this helps.







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This seems like the thing which might help specially the mini timeline thing. Seems like a good way to make "shared nodes" like Resolve has now. It needs tiny bit more doing it but very similar in the end after copy paste it seems by description.

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