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Depends on your pov - if you're just looking at the pure color space, then yes - they have the same primaries.

However, sRGB is associated with a 2.199 gamma, and Rec709 with a 2.4 gamma (which then should be labeled BT1886, as that "combines" Rec709 color space and 2.4 gamma).

Also, the curve itself is different - sRGB has compound, whereas Rec709 has a power law curve.

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Actually, sRGB is 2.2, and Rec709 2.4 gamma. The concept of 2.199 comes from trying to 'average' the 'Encoding gamma' of sRGB, which has nothing to do with calibration or grading/image manipulation.

BT1886 is an attempt to modify the 'shadows' based on the black point of a display, and is for calibration only - byt as issues as it lifts the shadows on a display that has lifted blacks... that ca be an issue when grading.

A display with a zero black point will cause BT1886 to define a pure power law 2.4 gamma.


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