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Mastering for dolby vision

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A big resume. You need to get a certification by Dolby in order to get a Dolby Vision license for your facility. You need a grade 1 HDR Monitor like, Sony x300, Sony X310, Flanders Xm310k or Canon DP-V3120 in order to be able monitor PQ curve gamma and P3 or Rec2020 color space, Once you have you HDR versión you going to need to make a trim pass version of the Rec1886 display master transfer función. You going to extract a .xml of the metadata of the trim pass versión and apply this xml to the Dolby Vision IMF package in a proper system as cortex, trankoder or DVS Clipster.

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Thanks for the information,

Dolby said you don't need licence if only want L1 metadata and mostly it takes care. But if needed to trim pass then required licence and we can work with I- CMU built in resolve for dolby vision analysis and delivery.  Only thing I don't have is HDR monitor, but I inquired and lucky me, I can get it on rent. I already have FSI SDR monitor so I can output 2 signals HDR and SDR from Resolve with my decklink and work accordingly.

Am I correct on this one?

thanks for all the information Oscar.

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Hey Sachin,

I am a colorist based in Kerala. I am currently going through a similar kind of situation that you have explained here. After finishing the grade in Rec.709 pipeline I am now asked by an OTT platform to deliver the same content in Dolby Vision HD. There is a lot of confusion about the need for a Dolby vision license to deliver this(at least for me). Dolby has clearly mentioned on their website that you don't need a license for mastering Dolby Vision if you are only relying on the automated L1 metadata generation. Do you have any more insights on this based on your shared experience? Were you able to deliver your Dolby master successfully? We have a decent budget to procure hardware required for HDR workflow but procurement of license may not be practical at this point since we need to deliver the content soon. Your input on this would be of much help.

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Im curious why posts like this focus more on the Dolby License than the actual conversion of SDR to HDR color. The biggest misconception I've run into, is that folks think there is a 1 button solution to convert sdr.. I haven't seen one yet, and i've been diving in deep on several sites like this..
So please, if you have a solution for the actual color conversion, I'd like to hear it. 

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you are right there is no one button solution to convert HDR to SDR. You’ll have to do a technical pass for SDR and that doesn’t require Dolby licence . It’s only required when you want to deliver Dolby Vision content that has trim passes for SDR. And to create trim pass you need Dolby licence.

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