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  1. you can cache node also (right click on node in color page and turn on node cache)and colour output also. right click that clip and find render cache colour output for that clip, if that clip still doesn't play then its a limitation for your system to handle all what you have done(OFX, Grade and other stuff)...
  2. keep smart render on. and wait for red line turn into blue
  3. Thanks for the information, Dolby said you don't need licence if only want L1 metadata and mostly it takes care. But if needed to trim pass then required licence and we can work with I- CMU built in resolve for dolby vision analysis and delivery. Only thing I don't have is HDR monitor, but I inquired and lucky me, I can get it on rent. I already have FSI SDR monitor so I can output 2 signals HDR and SDR from Resolve with my decklink and work accordingly. Am I correct on this one? thanks for all the information Oscar.
  4. Hello all, I had done grading of a regional feature film, now they have given it for OTT platforms, and they are asking for a dolby vision version of it. if someone can tell me the proper workflow to obtain proper result in davinci resolve 16.. thanks