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Hey everybody, I've been running into issues with Resolve crashing when I choose the dual monitor setup while in the color page.
Looks like an issue that has been going on with many people.

Has anyone had seen this or know of any fixes? People seem to submit logs and then never get a response.

It's a new system build, fresh install, fresh everything with latest drivers of everything.
-Windows 10 Home 64bit, 64GB RAM
- Latest NVidia Drivers (Tried both Creator and Gaming drivers as well as re-installed drivers multiple times)
- Resolve 15.3.1 Studio (fresh install and have tried re-installing multiple times).
- 2x 1440p Dell GUI monitors (same models and resolution) each connected via display port to the GPU

The "workaround" I have been able to achieve is by starting in single monitor, setting display 2 as the primary, then choosing dual screen, then switching back to display 1 as primary.
This works fine but either has to be re-applied every time I enter a project or if the dual screen setup stays saved I cannot open a project with both monitors plugged in or it crashes.

This is not acceptable at all. If anyone has seen this or figured out a resolution it would be great to hear!
Attaching a video screen capture of the problem. Will also try and work with tech support to see of they have any answers but thought I would chat with you all as well.

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After many days and trying a million different things the root cause was discovered.
Background processes being run by "Nahimic service" that I believe are related to audio drivers were the culprit.
The fix: Go into msconfig and disable "Nahimic service" to keep it from running and no more crashes!

I believe this is linked to more crashing issues than just my dual screen problem so check it out if you seem to have strange crashing problems.

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