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  1. Evan Anthony

    Introduction to visual effects in DaVinci Resolve Fusion

    Much better I think
  2. Evan Anthony

    Introduction to visual effects in DaVinci Resolve Fusion

    It's worth the $. I have learned a lot so far.
  3. Evan Anthony

    Introduction to visual effects in DaVinci Resolve Fusion

    Great job! quick questions. You connecting lines are as hard angles. Mine are straight lines. I don't see that as a option and like it. **Found it!
  4. Evan Anthony

    Fusion Essential Training

    These are great!!! Here is what I would love to see: 1) End Credit rolls 2) cloning/tracking to fix/remove issues.
  5. Evan Anthony

    Fusion Essential Training

    When I get out of Fusion doing a title the title take on color from a power window I have from the color page??? Would you not want it "on top" of all the color you did? I'd guess i would need to make it into a effect I can then add to another layer in edit mode so that it is on top? How? Also the title when I make it large looks soft on my main monitor
  6. Evan Anthony

    Fusion Essential Training

    Nice work! I'm confused about something. For me I would want to color in Resolve. Then if I need to use Fusion go into it seeing my color correction. I've learned about exporting a LUT from the color page and then loading it into the monitor in Fusion. But I can't seem to figure out how to get this output to go to my external monitor showing the color. When I select the MediaOut and press (3) it goes to my monitor but pre LUT/color. There must be a way around this? A great update for BMD would be to have your color correction "move" to the clip in Fusion.
  7. Evan Anthony

    The difference between DNxHR and ProRes codecs

    I try to avoid .mov files. Especially in DnX. If I export as a Op1a/mxf I have no issue with data/video in any software or OS.
  8. Evan Anthony

    Fusion Essential Training

    Okay let me know when. Or post somewhere.
  9. Evan Anthony

    Fusion Essential Training

    I'm really interested in lessons that are for more for Post Finishing editors. So basic roto, cloning w/tracking, end credit rolls with smoothing Technics like expressions in AE to help credit rolls be smoother.
  10. Evan Anthony

    Render at source resolution gone?

    What codec are they? that might be why
  11. Evan Anthony

    Blackmagic eGPU

    Yes, If you an already outdated GPU that you can not change.
  12. Evan Anthony

    FS: HP NVIDIA Quadro K5200

    Hi, Looking to upgrade my GPU's selling 2x HP NVIDIA Quadro K5200 8GB Graphics Card's Work great in the HP Z workstations. Located in USA/NYC Make a offer. roninedit(@)gmail.com HP NVIDIA Quadro K5200 8GB Graphics Card Specs: Specs on this GPU: DisplayPort to DVI Adapter Included Compatible with HP Z440, Z640, Z840 2304 CUDA Cores 8GB GDDR5 RAM 192 GB/s Memory Bandwidth DVI-I, DVI-D + Two DisplayPort Outputs Supports CUDA, Open CL + Other APIs DP 1.2 Supports 4K Displays and MST Hubs Dual-Slot: Active Fansink Cooling PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Host Interface
  13. Evan Anthony

    Facilis Terrablock

    I use to work on a post house had them.
  14. Evan Anthony

    Intro Resolve teaching gig @NYU in NYC

    Greetings,I have been teaching a intro DaVinci class at NYU for several years. I can no longer do it. It is one day a week, Thursdays from 6:20p - 9p. For about 7 weeks 2x a year.If interested email me: roninedit@gmail.com-Evan