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  1. hey everybody, this is my 2017 TVC reel. i've been grading for only two years so any feedback is greatly appreciated. footage is shot on Arri, Red, Sony and Nikon. graded in Resolve and edited in Media Composer. thank you!
  2. thank you all so much for the anwers. they were really helpful. for now, i'm doing some tests to see if i can make one myself with top components and compare the price with the ones you gave me. i'll let you know the results.
  3. hei guys i have a question for all of you Resolve users: what type of storage do you use for Resolve running on a Mac Pro trashcan? when i was using Lustre i had a 24 bay Rorke Aurora with a 8 Gbit fibre channel. i tried to move it on the Resolve system but the guys from Rorke said they don't have a workflow / support for the new systems on trashcans. now i'm using a Synology NAS but i'm not satisfied with it mainly because of the speed. anything above 2k is not being played in real time. so, what are you using? thanks in advance. cheers
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    great work! loved it!