Paint Fixing in DaVinci Resolve Fusion


Paint Fixing is the invisible art of removing unwanted objects and improving shots. Digital paint tools can be used to remove actors and logos from a shot, remove artifacts and to replace elements. Paint fixing has become an essential skill to master and DaVinci Resolve has all the tools you need to get the job done.

The course content ranges from beginner to advanced, and is taught by Visual Effects Guru Lee Lanier who has written several books on the topic.

Both the Color and Fusion module is used to demonstrate the techniques in this course.

The footage and assets used in this course are available for download so that you can easily follow along.

About the instructor

Lee Lanier has created visual effects on numerous features films for Walt Disney Studios and PDI/DreamWorks. Lee is a world-renowned expert in the video effects field, and has written several popular high-end software books, and taught at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Editors
  • Colorists
  • Visual Effects Artists

Lessons overview

  • 01: Paint fix overview
  • 02: Using the Patch Replacer
  • 03: Paint fixing with a mask in Resolve
  • 04: Keyframing masks in Resolve
  • 05: Paint fixing with a mask in Fusion
  • 06: Paint cloning in Fusion
  • 07: Animating strokes in Fusion
  • 08: Removing dust in Resolve and Fusion
  • 09: Fixing with the Planar Tracker in Fusion
  • 10: Tracking a matte painting
  • 11: Restoring the background

Software required

DaVinci Resolve

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User Feedback

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I'm using paint techniques on almost every project I'm working on, because the directors are getting used to that tasks like that can be solved inside of DaVinci Resolve. It's so many new techniques in this course that are very useful to me. To be honest I have never used the tracker in the color tab the way that is demonstrated here and the planar tracker is insane. 

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Thanks, as ever for this course.  However, i'm having trouble accessing L02: Using the Patch Replacer.  I've tried doing so on a couple of computers, but to no avail.


Can you please advise.

Kind Regards


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This course is very useful for me as a colorist because I'm asked to paint out things on almost every job. That's kind of expected as so many directors know it's possible in Resolve. 

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9 minutes ago, Frits Jan Smit said:

I now and then need to remove or reduce the amount of smoke (from ships) What is best way to do this?

A matte paint or clean plate with random distributed verticies? I also often comp back in some smoke on top to get a nicer fall of where the smoke ends. 

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