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  1. Thanks for this and for doing it over the weekend. Hope you manage to get some down time now. Looking forward to getting stuck in.
  2. Thanks Lowepost, this is exactly what I've been waiting for. Really appreciate all these great courses. Learnt so much.
  3. All sorted thanks Lee. Great tutorial by the way. Thanks
  4. Im having trouble importing the Practice footage and supplied .dp files into DR16. Anyone else having issues? Would love to know how you resolved them. Thanks
  5. Not a problem. Grateful for the content. Thanks very much. K
  6. Thanks, as ever for this course. However, i'm having trouble accessing L02: Using the Patch Replacer. I've tried doing so on a couple of computers, but to no avail. Can you please advise. Kind Regards Karl.
  7. Hi Did i hear somewhere that Lowepost were going to post an Editing tutorial on DR soon? Or was it just a dream? I'm pretty ok with editing, although i tend to work on Premiere for this. Would be really useful to have a Colourists perspective on Editing though. I'm pretty keen to dump PPro altogether once i've mastered the Editing in DR. Still find Fusion a tag 'Klunky' though. It makes my computer struggle, even with 32GB of Ram. Thanks K
  8. Hi Ok, so i'm following this to the letter. However when, in lesson 4 (approx: 7.17) you drag a clip from the Media Pool and it immediately shows up in your viewer window (screen 2). Ok, so this doesn't happen for me. I've tried many combinations of this but nothing. The node that the clip represents is blank. I've made sure that it is being displayed in the correct viewer, etc...but still nothing. I've been over the lesson a number of times, and i'm sure that i haven't misheard, or mis-seen anything. Anyway, how can this clip possibly show up if it doesn't appear on the edit timeline? Am i missing something? Can someone please advise? Thanks in advance.
  9. Very insightful tutorial. Thanks for this. Clear, concise and to the point. Just how i like 'em.
  10. Thanks for your reply Amada. Yes, i do agree. I'm not so much interested in the 'button to press' approach as i got all that from other sites like Ripple Training, etc. I was thinking more about working with certain 'looks'. I recently read the one about the Legacy Fregrance with Ronaldo and learnt alot about the approach to the grade. But i've read all of those and, yes, picked up some good stuff. I guess i'd like some more. And yes, no doubt, the Printer Lights one in particular was very insightful.
  11. Hi I have really enjoyed the finishing tutorials in Fusion offered by Lowepost and learnt a good deal. However, i feel that the actual Colour Grading section of the tutorials has been a bit neglected. Does anyone feel the same? Or should i just wait......as something will show up soon. Was just wondering.
  12. Just when i thought i knew how to do this properly..... Thanks, this was a really helpful tutorial and underlines a much needed discipline.
  13. Excellent value for money. Concise, clear, and the best i’ve seen. Certain you won’t be disappointed.
  14. Is this course complete? Or are them more lessons to come? Thanks K