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  1. Hi all at Lowepost Do you know when you may be adding to the 'Looks in Davinci Resolve' course. Really useful to see how different people achieve their looks using the same tools. Thanks
  2. Very insightful tutorial. Thanks for this. Clear, concise and to the point. Just how i like 'em.
  3. Thanks for your reply Amada. Yes, i do agree. I'm not so much interested in the 'button to press' approach as i got all that from other sites like Ripple Training, etc. I was thinking more about working with certain 'looks'. I recently read the one about the Legacy Fregrance with Ronaldo and learnt alot about the approach to the grade. But i've read all of those and, yes, picked up some good stuff. I guess i'd like some more. And yes, no doubt, the Printer Lights one in particular was very insightful.
  4. Hi I have really enjoyed the finishing tutorials in Fusion offered by Lowepost and learnt a good deal. However, i feel that the actual Colour Grading section of the tutorials has been a bit neglected. Does anyone feel the same? Or should i just wait......as something will show up soon. Was just wondering.
  5. Just when i thought i knew how to do this properly..... Thanks, this was a really helpful tutorial and underlines a much needed discipline.
  6. Excellent value for money. Concise, clear, and the best i’ve seen. Certain you won’t be disappointed.
  7. Thanks. Learnt lots. Appreciated. k
  8. Is this course complete? Or are them more lessons to come? Thanks K
  9. Thanks for this. Love your tutorials. I learn so so much.
  10. Thanks for the update people. I'm a patient guy so please take your time. They're always worth waiting for. Happy New Year all. Regs Karl
  11. Thanks for the response. Happy to wait. The tuts so far have been very insightful. Much appreciated. Regs K
  12. Hello Was there not a Printer Lights tutorial promised a few weeks back. Seems to have disappeared. Would be useful. Regs K
  13. Is it possible, or will it be possible to download the video tutorials on this site. It would be really useful. I joined this site about a week ago and the ability to download the content and review when off-line is a really useful one. Can you please advise. Thanks Karl