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  1. Much love @Walter Volpatto, such sage advice! After the primary node, did I understand correctly that you skip right to the scene node, adjust for the ‘look,’ and then go back to work on the L-C-R and other nodes? One of the things you stated once remains with me...adjust contrast in B&W and see where you land.
  2. It’s really a matter of what gets you to your destination. However, there's and advantage to using a color space transform as it gives you more control and you aren’t locked or bows on by the fixed nature of a LUT. CST vs the camera’s official log to Rec.709 LUT will be a bit different, though you may prefer one over the other visually, neither is absolute. Resolves CST is quite flexibility and can be dialed in (sat and luminance mapping,) however, an alternate method is to roll your own log to Rec.709 conversion using your grading tools.
  3. This one was fantastic, thanks for creating it! 😀
  4. Great explanations and examples of the tools in use; perfect!
  5. I’m so bummed I’d missed this, when is the next meetup?
  6. Fantastic article and tutorial; excellent!
  7. I watched 1984 last night, it’s still amazing after all this time.