Introduction to Visual Effects in SCRATCH

Introduction to Visual Effects in SCRATCH



The SCRATCH Essential course is designed for new SCRATCH users, but also for DaVinci Resolve colorists who want to add another excellent conform and finishing tool to their toolkit. Instructor Kevin P McAuliffe covers all the basics you need to know to perform the most common daily tasks.

About the instructor

Kevin is an award winning editor and visual effects creator based in Toronto with over 15 years of teaching and training experience. Over the past years Kevin has delivered world-class work for clients such as Warner Bros, Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Elevation Pictures.

Who is this course designed for?

  • DITs
  • Conform Artists
  • Editors
  • Colorists
  • Visual effects artists

Lessons overview

  • Lesson 01: Getting started
  • Lesson 02: Working in the Construct window
  • Lesson 03: Introduction to the Edit module
  • Lesson 04: Working with layers in the ColorFX module
  • Lesson 05: Working with versions in the ColorFX module
  • Lesson 06: Qualifiers and chroma key
  • Lesson 07: Working with LUTs and comparing grades
  • Lesson 08: Effects, transfer modes & mattes
  • Lesson 09: Working with nodes
  • Lesson 10: Animation basics
  • Lesson 11: Dailies part 1 - setup
  • Lesson 12: Dailies part 2 - dealing with audio
  • Lesson 13: Dailies part 1 - exporting
  • Lesson 14: Working with the render module
  • Lesson 15: Introduction to VR 360

Software required

Assimiliate's SCRATCH (20% discount for Lowepost premium members)

Make sure to check out the free sneak peek below.



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14 hours ago, Tom Evans said:

Looks really cool! How common is Scratch in the high-end facilites @Mazze

Hey Tom - it depends on how you define high-end :P . A lot of studios use it for review sessions and screenings, vfx houses use it as vfx reference player and asset management system in combination with FTrack, Shotgun and NIM. As a finishing system it's mostly used by smaller boutiques (which doesn't mean it's not high end, though 😉 ) and some bigger companies, which use a so-called site-license (annual all-you-can-eat). And then obviously we have a pretty big DIT community that use it for dailies. Lastly, when it comes to high end live streaming (more specifically high end VR live streaming), I think there's nothing else out there that lets you stitch incoming camera streams, do the geometry conversion, grade, comp, add OFX-plugins, Matchbox shaders and output through SDI, DisplayPort, LiveStream (to Facebook/Youtube/Custom server) and Headset at once and it realtime on a single GPU. 



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On 2/19/2019 at 5:07 PM, Mazze said:

Kevin really does a great job on these videos - he's an amazing instructor!

How about Scratch VR tutorial? Just waiting it 🙂

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56 minutes ago, Duc Nguyen said:

How about Scratch VR tutorial? Just waiting it 🙂

There is one more episode in the making - stay tuned 🙂 .

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