The complexities of color grading



E xplore the true complexities of color grading in this in-depth course for colorists.

In this training series we will explore fundamentals color concepts and terminology, which is important to understand for colorists at all levels. You will learn the principles of mid gray, its role in look design and the journey from set to screen. Furthermore, you'll get a solid understanding of the science of tonal contrast, learn how to evaluate curvature and understand how it interacts with hue and saturation.  A solid grasp of these foundational elements is essential whether your goal is to step up your color grading game and create better looking images. or just want to dive into more advanced discussions with industry colleagues and clients.

As a special offering, course participants will receive free access to "The LUT Assistant" plugin for DaVinci Resolve, allowing you to seamlessly follow the many practical examples in the course.

About the instructor

Cullen Kelly is a renowned colorist and color scientist, that has shaped visuals for top brands, academy award films, and series for Netflix and HBO. As the host of Lowepost's Masters of Color podcast, he leads discussions with industry experts. He also trains for Blackmagic Design and consults globally, reflecting a deep passion for his craft and collaborators.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Colorists 
  • Post production professionals

Lessons overview

  • 01: Color concepts and terminology
  • 02: Understanding middle gray
  • 03: The role of middle gray in look design
  • 04: Exploring tonal contrast
  • 05: Advanced tone techniques 
  • 06: Incorporating new tools



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