Show LUT Design


Show LUT design is an essential part of the color grading process. However, designing Show LUTs can be a challenging task, and requires some understanding of color science, technical specifications, and artistic principles.

In this insight, we look at how to build Show LUTs that can be implemented in all major cinema cameras and monitors, while also being optimized for the increasing demand of monitoring HDR on set, grading in Rec709 or P3 and delivering for a variety of display targets.

The insight covers a range of techniques, including utilization of the new Reveal Color Science from ARRI, aligning middle gray values of looks to various cameras using the free LUT Assistant Plugin for Resolve, managing neutrality of middle gray, exposure compensation, extreme curves, and on-set CDL adjustments. We also discuss LUT generation and its limitations.

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Do you think we will see Ravengrade offer some of its plugins with the log to log option instead of baking in the 709 transform?  Red similarly offers in camera transform options with low medium and high contrast and even the ability to change the rolloff.  Which means if you create a similar log to log LUT you can change the transform in camera.  Thanks for this valuable resource and I look forward to future updates to Ravengrade that can be used with the new camera system in Show LUT creation.

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Great article ! 

Can you elaborate on the Log DSM workflow you mentionned ? I've never heard about that.. Maybe it's just a way of talking about scene referred workflow that i'm not familiar with ?


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22 hours ago, Raphaël said:

Can you elaborate on the Log DSM workflow you mentionned ?

It's just  a master file with the transform disabled, point is to future proof the archiving. 

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