Introduction to Baselight Edition for Avid

Introduction to Baselight Edition for Avid



The Introduction to Baselight Edition for Avid course is created by Josh Petok, which has graded more than 700 TV episodes on Baselight.

The Baselight Edition is used to grade popular TV-shows like Masterchef, The Voice, Lego Masters, Below Deck, The Biggest Loser, Fear Factor, and many other large scale and complex multi-camera productions all over the world. It's basically a full Baselight system wrapped into a plugin for a very affordable price. It's widely used in TV work because it eliminates all conform issues from going back and forth between the editing and grading application because everything happens inside of Avid. It also saves tons of storage because you never have to render anything out of Baselight. The last years many commercial colorists have switched to the Baselight Edition because of its excellent color science and affordable price.

This course is tailored for colorists who want to switch from DaVinci Resolve to Baselight and Avid editors that want access to premium color grading tools.

The footage used in this course is available for download, and Avid + Baselight Edition is available as free trials.

About the instructor

Josh Petok is a senior colorist working at Endemol Shine in Hollywood on a Baselight system. The majority of his color grading experience is in television and streaming for studios like Disney+, Fox, NBC, CBS and VH1, and includes over 700 completed episodes. Many of the industry leading directors, producers and cinematographers trust Josh to deliver the best looking images under the tightest deadlines.

Who is this course designed for?

  • Colorists
  • DaVinci Resolve users
  • Avid editors that want to get into color grading

Lessons overview

  • Introduction
  • Project setup and color management
  • The interface
  • The Layers, Operators and Parameters
  • Organization and Looks
  • Avid workflow and export

Software required

Avid and Baselight Editions (Free trials available)



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9 hours ago, RAMI ABOU FAKHER said:

Excellent Josh

in the color management course you chose No conversion, but what the avid sequence display color space  setting was ?

 thank you

It’s set to rec709. However, this is bypassed when we remove the color adapters from the sequence. We’re relying on the Baselight plugin to apply any color management. 

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Thanks Josh! I thought it would be a big learning curve to go from Resolve to Baselight for Avid, but after watching your course and a few others online, it's been almost easy.

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