Masters of Color



Welcome to Masters of Color! In this podcast we've invited a star gallery of renowned colorists to talk about the art and science of high-end color grading.

Cullen Kelly is the host, and our guests are Peter Doyle, Ian Vertovec, Aurora Gordon, Damien Var Der Cruyssen, Toby Tomkins, Eric Weidt, Steve Yedlin and Stephen Nakamura.

This is your chance to stay on top of the color game and learn from the real masters of color.

A new episode will be added every Sunday, and you can subscribe to the show on any major podcast platform, including Spotify and Apple Podcast. On Lowepost, all episodes are available instantly and contains video.

Episode 1

In the first episode Cullen talks with director David Fincher’s favorite colorist Eric Weidt about the art and craft of color grading.

Eric has an incredible list of credits that includes Mank, Mindhunter and House of Cards. His works on these projects extends far beyond traditional tasks of color grading, incorporating complex look modeling and incredible detailed adjustments on virtually every frame.

The techniques and insights he shares in this episode are unique, and includes topics such as how to sculpt the viewers experience with textural and spatial tools, the lens treatment techniques used on Mindhunter, the process behind and the swan curve used on the day-for-night shots on Mank, advanced grain work and so much more.


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That's some awesome lineup of interviews, thank's Cullen and Lowepost for these. Thoroughly enjoyed Erik's interview, specially the info of exr's having the same dynamic range of r3d's, i'm in the vfx industry and some time we tend to match the live action plates in Nuke, and there is never a loss of quality on the exr's.

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Thanks a lot to Lowepost, and Cullen, as the host for bringing this excellent collective of colorists interviews in this series. This is a very welcome series in a time when the online digital democratization allows us to take advance of education for colorists and aspirant colorists as myself. This is especially true when seeing it as an extension of the vast online classes available today, aiming to teach the technical aspect of color grading and pushing buttons,
which by the way, are also necessary as a tool set for the colorists, but by itself can become a guarentee to failure.

As part of the format of this  series, it would be helpful to have a description of each interviewee at the top of the page as the first interviews had.

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I'm really enjoying your videos! Only thing is this whole websites sometimes crashes my browser and it's using way too much RAM!
Every time I see a video my RAM almost runs out. 
I hope you can OPTIMIZE your website as is very nice information. 
Thank you and continue updating!

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