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  1. Hello, Can someone explain how to setup rendering in Baselight 4.4 to match equivalent render settings from Resolve: - individual clips, DPX - source timecode and metadata - original resolution, no resizing - force de-bayering in high quality - everything in one folder - add 25 frames handles. Also, if I have compositing like chroma key, what would be the best workflow to output plates, not composites? Thanks, Nikola
  2. Hi all, this tutorial focusses on rendering from SCRATCH and therefore also covers how to create multiple different deliverables from your original CONstruct - such as different resolutions, color spaces, or even gradings. *EDIT* updated for v9
  3. Hi all, when exporting from SCRATCH you will find yourself in a node-based environment. Beginning with the main output node, moving forward (to the right, physically), you can add multiple other output-nodes for different formats, framerates, dimensions, etc. . This tutorial shows how to setup an output-tree and save templates to speed up any follow up operations: