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Found 8 results

  1. WOW! Lowepost is true to their word. I post wondering why there is no FCP forum and within hours there IS a FCP forum. I started out with Final Cut Pro v1 and Premier Pro. For whatever reason these programs never clicked with the way I think about story telling. I came from a still photography and animation background, and kept going back to Final Cut up to version 7 for live action shorts. But was never really into it. Tried Premiere Pro again. Still not clicking. Then came FCP 10 which I started my training in 2012 and I was truly excited. It was very different and it clicked! I made my first short with it 2013-1015, but it wasn't until 2018 that I knew there was nothing better for me for editing. I started to my Premiere Pro training in 2018 while working on a very complicated projected, but quickly went back to FCP 10.3. When Resolve 15 was released I spent two months using nothing but Resolve 15 for a whole production (I've used Resolve for color grading since 2014) and at the end of it I went back to FCP 10.4.4 for editing projects. Why? It is just more fun. I just works with the way I think about organizing and my production pipeline. I think it is the best NLE ever, but then again I never bothered much with Media Composer. I don't much like track based editing styles compared to the magnetic timeline. I hope to connect with other FCPx editors here. What do YOU think?
  2. “real editing software” noob. i recently got passed my changing file names mistake.... i have an issue where i think when i drag new clips to my time line and/or a sound track i notice i lose some stuff. am i doing something wrong amongst my multiple layers? to be specific, I Alt+A to move my starting point back to build an intro. Then i begin adding tons of new clips and sounds to the layers at the start of the timeline. i noticed a few times the intro was bleeding into the start of the footage (which means at some point it was there) finally done with the intro, i play it from the start to see it live and then i notice the first bit of footage is missing the original first bit. (this also happened in another later spot of the timeline) i have to possibly RE edit a good amount of stuff. how can recover and/or AVOID doing what i’m doing incorrectly? sorry for the read friends just need to be specific to avoid confusion.
  3. Hey guys and gals, New to this forum, quick background of myself. Did Audio since 2006 and two years ago gave up audio to do video. Now i am 2 years into video and do everything for my company. I still am having a lot fo trouble learning color correcting and color grading. Im not sure if its my camera, my eyes lol or just not sure what Im doing wrong. I know Ive been filming in AUTO ISO but lately I actuall manually ISO my enviorement. ANy how long does it take to be a good colorist. I am based out of Los angeles if anyone knows anyone who can help !!!
  4. Hey folks, I came across a neat shortcut today, Shift+V, it selects the clip under your playhead, and makes for handy speed life! I quite often have to reframe shots for the various ratios of modern day life (Social Media for example!) and there are times I trip up and forget to select the clip I need to reframe. Shift V fixes that! Proceeds to Move the playhead, shift V, and reframe! Bliss! Protip: Keybind it to something more useful to your workflow, I feel like I never had this problem in Premiere though, it used to know what clip I wanted somehow and I could just zip through the timeline and reframe as I watched! Maybe I'm mis-remembering but... It felt like this and many other things were swifter! If anyone else has some Quality of Life improvements to share I'm all ears; here's some more: 'x' - Creates In/Out points based on selected clip 'Shift+[/]' Trim start / end to playhead 'Cmd+Shift+[/]' Ripple Trim start/end to playhead (Q/W in Premiere)
  5. Hey, I've had this problem a couple of times, when I import an XML in Davinci from Premiere a couple of clips come up as a still from the clip. Since I don't know the work around, I would go back to Premiere and export a high res clip from the timeline and grade that. Has anyone experienced this problem before and has the solution? Thanks for your time, Drew
  6. I found this by Noam Kroll: The Unique Finishing Workflow I Used To Grade, Mix, & Master My Feature Film
  7. At the risk of being cheeky, I wonder why there is no forum for FCP editors? I came for the Fusion training (really impressed), visit the Resolve forum daily too. I am a subscriber.
  8. Hi all, this tutorial focusses on how to animate a still image. In SCRATCH, all clips are managed in slots - and each slot can have a length, independent from the length of the clip inside. To animate a still (which basically is a one-frame-clip), you need to understand the difference between clip and slot length. No worries, it's an easy one ;-) .