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  1. again THANK YOU, and again I learned something new!
  2. On project Shot-3 Final there is this issue on Loader1: C:\Users\... hehe, my Mac OS is confused!!
  3. I ran into this problem with Beauty-11 and Beauty-12. The projects use Beauty_E[00-38].png in the timeline but I see they should be using Beauty_D[00-38].png instead since there is no Beauty_E[00-38].png only Beauty_E[01-24].png, so I can't relink the source file. I thought you'd like to know! Cheers, I am really enjoying these lessons.
  4. Fascinating, and relevant to this discussion: XML issues with Resolve
  5. I would love to try to sort out the problems to figure out how to avoid them in future projects.
  6. I am wondering if converting to an EDL would solve some of the compatibility issues? EDL-X
  7. What a nightmare! I would be on the phone with Apple for sure, something just ain't right with that project. If I was the editor all of those problems would make my head spin, and I want (need) to know why??? This is NOT the way Final Cut is suppose to work. Thank you for sharing the details.
  8. "garbage XML" can you be more specific? Sounds like that project was a nightmare but is that really all due to FCPx. I only work on my own projects, so I don't deal with compatibility issues I cannot solve myself. I convert fcpxml to Adobe compatible files with XtoCC (Audition) and there is an XtoPro tool for ProTools. I guess I thought that conforming could to be done in Resolve?? I love working in FCPx + Resolve + Audition. And I don't see any problem with fcpxml files.
  9. curious??? What version of FCPx? version of fcpxml?? I assume the editor was using ProRes files instead of the raw files. So many questions, but I do believe there are answers!
  10. I have no experience with multicam clips yet, but this problem caught my imagination. This may help: https://blog.frame.io/2017/10/04/turbo-charge-fcpx-workflow-davinci-resolve/ It seems as though Resolve handles compound clips and multicam clips from the fcpxml, so what is the problem? The conform artist/editor needs to use Resolve 14+ to prepare for the colorist?
  11. "goes into a finishing system for tweaks/fixes" ~ @dermot.shane so what is your finishing system? Hardware, software? a curious Kat wants to know :)
  12. I found this by Noam Kroll: The Unique Finishing Workflow I Used To Grade, Mix, & Master My Feature Film
  13. @dermot.shane I'm curious what is your workflow for finishing?
  14. @dermot.shane I have thought about your issues all weekend. I doubt that Media Composer would "get it right in the first place" since Final Cut doesn't inherently get in wrong. With some of these preditors maybe the best workflow for you is for them to render out a ProRes 422HQ video only file and then you can use scene detect if the fcpxml truly is a "trainwreck". I found that FCP generators don't translate, nor titles, but then I replace these in Resolve or do a roundtrip back to FCP after grading. I would suggest: Simplify and Organize the timeline: flatten video to primary storyline (this became easier in v 10.4), break apart compound clips. And they have to decide how to handle FX filters (again they can handle it in a roundtrip back to FCP) the export XML as well as a reference movie. Maybe suggest they get a free copy of Resolve so that they can see for themselves the issues, especially if they really don't have the budget/experience. It is easier if the editor is also a colorist and vice versa. I know how to fix things both in Resolve as well as FCP, but I really only use FCP for editing, and not effects, and I am trying to do finishing in Resolve 15+ now.