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  1. Hello everyone. I've one question. Is there any information that the Baselight will work with the extended version of Tangent. The fact that the Baselight works with the standard Tangent bundle (Kb,Tk,Bt,Mf) is what I know. BUT if for example to put additional modules (for example Tangent Bt) Will the Baselight work with five modules (Kb,Tk,Mf,Bt,Bt)? or Six (Tk,Mf,Kb,Bt,Bt,Bt) Thanks.
  2. EDERLEZI RISING is set in a Socialist dystopian future some fifty years from now. Milutin, is an astronaut sent on a long space flight to Alpha Centuri to deliver an ideology to the colony there. However, on this flight he will be accompanied by a female android, Nimani. The film explores the essence of love and emotion between Milutin and his cyborg companion.Official WebsiteIMDB
  3. Any experience with Baselight for Avid? How does it cope with a full hardware based Baselight system when it comes to Speed?
  4. Hi everyone. Colorgrade - Filmlight Baselight 5.0
  6. Do any of the post houses that people work for on here pull media directly off of an Avid Isis workspace to grade directly on Baselight? If so i was wondering what your experiences have been positive or negative? Thanks
  7. Filmlight released a video about new color management features in V5
  8. Hey there, some time ago I put together a new reel that presents my work on commercials during the last two years at 1000 Volt in Istanbul. All work was done with Baselight and a Dolby PRM display.
  9. Hiya! My first thread i have a few user questions hope someone can help me with - i hope people dont mind me asking or think im being lazy in not figuring it out myself - i probably am! lol Im making the transition from Mistika to baselight so a couple of queries of silly things that ive yet to work out - part of the trouble and fun of working on a new system! I work in UHD a lot and i currently have a lot of 1080p footage i need to upscale to 3840x2160. I have Formats applying the rescale for me, but what id like to do is selectively sharpen fine edge detail. I was able to do this in Mistika where by i could create difference matte using a shrink node (sort of a sharpen filter than works on the inside edge rather than outside edge of an image) also, in mistika at times it was good to be able to make a selection and either effect or recover just the luma or chroma from a source or previous layer - again it maybe because im relying to much on the inside\outside grade to do everything - but is there a similar way to achieve that on baselight? thanks for your time!
  10. Andreas Brueckl Relighting for Baselight
  11. Hello everybody. Working in different systems (Lustre , Nucoda, Resolve) use very often a function of group grading. Of course it is also in Baselight there. However, not enough function when you can leave visible only group. This is very important when there is a large number of grading shots. (For example in the movie) What dp you think about it? Alex.
  12. Hi all, Recently, Filmlight, has launched, Prelight On-Set Open Beta I hope this video will help to start to work with Prelight
  13. Filmlight Prelight Open Beta Filmlight, began open beta testing, Prelight(version 4.4.8939 ). Prelight is a new Mac OS X application designed to allow DoPs and other creatives to author, apply and modify looks(.blg) in pre-production, or during production and post. New features Added support for reading record flag from Panasonic Varicam 35/LT cameras. To use, select "Panasonic Varicam" as the Camera Type for the channel conected to the camera in the Channels view. Added support for Camera ID, ISO, White Balance and Exposure Time from Panasonic Varicam 35/LT via SDI. Currently this information is only available on the primary SDI outputs (1-4) and not the monitoring outputs of the Varicam 35. Simplified the New Project dialog to remove the "Grade Result Space" and "Apply Inverse DRT" options. These settings can still be changed in the Project section of the Settings view. Improved layout of Settings view to identify which sections are related to the Prelight application, and which sections are related to the current project. Improved performance of Try/Apply operations.
  14. Filmlight Prelight Open Beta Filmlight, began open beta testing, Prelight. Prelight is a new Mac OS X application designed to allow DoPs and other creatives to author, apply and modify looks(.blg) in pre-production, or during production and post.