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  1. Thanks Cullen and Lowepost for this incredible source of information! 🏆
  2. Couldn't agree more. Being able to hear & watch how a colourist as the caliber of Walter approaches his projects (and the whole methodology behind) was a true blessing! Thanks Walter & TAC.
  3. Excellent article Stig! I've been using a BM Mini Panel at the studio and a Tangent Wave 2 at home for quite a while now, but I'm considering upgrading the Wave to an Element. Those Angry Face's rings & trackerballs surely look sexy! 😍
  4. Walter is such an inspiration and an incredibly talented colorist. Thanks so much for this insight! 🙏
  5. Tobia Montanari Lughi

    The Master

    Thanks for this great insight Walter, truly helpful and inspiring!
  6. Tobia Montanari Lughi


    I would really love to know that, too!