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  1. Mark, I’m glad to hear you are working on the node tree development
  2. Hi Jason, Thanks for the prompt response. I have the experience of grain turning into blocks and ghosty artifacts after web compression, especially in the blue channel. After this lesson, I always try to assign the amount of grain to individual channel instead of globally, reducing the amount in the blue channel. However, this doesn't happen when I delivery to Blu_ray disc. This is due to the higher bit rate available in this format compared to the streaming services, like video and Youtube. By the way. NetFlix streaming standard for SDR is only 25 Mbps. Reason why some grain applied to some of its content has the ghosty grain effect, depends on the end user internet speed. Thanks for the addendum.
  3. Jason and Lowepost, Thanks for the well structured course. Jason is color grading with an external display, but the audience is limited to what can be shown via the UI only. For example, not even on my iMac 27” it's possible for me to see the effect of the film grain applied in one of the lessons through the tinny Resolve viewer, as well as other operations throughout the course. It's going to be appreciated if in future Jason's courses to show the results of his grades in fullscreen playback? Again, thank you for the insights into the different aspects of color grading and look design.
  4. Yes. It would be helpful to have a download link to the promised documents announced during Walter's Masterclass. Thanks for the link to the replay of the class.
  5. Indeed, it was an amazing masterclass. Something you wouldn't like to miss the next time. They said it's going to be a replay. I don't know the terms of it.
  6. It’s true. Darren Mostyn is promoting Walter Volpatto Colorist Masterclass - 10% DISCOUNT. Hope to see some of you there.
  7. Yes. It's worth the subscription. Deep diving into color grading and color management techniques, including an intensive workflow in ACES. The only missing piece I'm missing there is working in HDR workflow.
  8. Hi Lisa, never mind. It was a great call. It's all clear now. I'll see you there!
  9. Walter response on his FaceBook account to my question regarding the confirmation of his participation on the master class: "I will be talking with you for 4 hours, workflow and methodologies for long form color and hdr." https://www.facebook.com/waltervolpatto Also, Walter wrote: Walter Volpatto Yes it will be me., no rumors.
  10. I just posted a question regarding the master class to Walter on his Facebook account. Let’s see...
  11. Lisa, thanks for the follow up. I would suggest to everyone to wait for the registration until we have Walter confirmation.
  12. Update: I just checked at Walter’s Instagram. The Master Class is promoted there as well.Phew!
  13. Hello Elisa, Thanks for the alert. I don’t know more than I did the registration at the website appearing in my original post here. It would be helpful to have a confirmation from Walter here.
  14. I just registered to the upcoming Walter's Master Class on April 24. Here is an overview: 1. Why do something instead of focusing on how to do something. 2. Approach to color - technique - observer - style. 3. Limitations of the human eye, limitations of the displays, limitation of the distribution chain. 4. Negative - Positive model. 5. Look build on photographic principal of exposure. 6. Workflow on Set and Post. 7. Color Decisions - See the movie, read the script, understand the story. 8. Timeline/groups/scene/shot - Where the Color Goes? 9. Scene look, hero shot, technical matching, refinement. 10. HDR - Maintaining the intended photography, Virtual Nit device, Recovery of highlights / Black mapping, & Dolby Trim Pass.https://www.tacresolvetraining.com/event-details/walter-volpatto-masterclass
  15. As alway, this is a great tutorial. Especially, the lesson regarding the HDR topic. Thank you.