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Share your node tree?

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I'm a year late at doing the tutorial for Lowepost, but here's a big node tree we came up for a project recently.  Normally, about 90% of these are bypassed, and we only turn a node on when we need it, so be aware this illustration is not a practical shot of how it works in real life. But it'll give you some ideas:



Note for beginners: I absolutely do not believe that you need a crazy/ridiculous/large number of nodes to do a project. In truth, 4-5 nodes do all the heavy lifting -- the rest is just icing on the cake. Sometimes, there's just no time (like if you have to do 500 shots in 8-10 hours), so you have to get by with maybe 6-7 nodes, tops, and just fly through as fast as you can.

I average maybe 18-22 nodes on each shot per project, and on features it's the exact same node tree on every shot. That way, for one sequence -- say, 20 shots in a kitchen -- we do a global and copy everything over, then go in and make little trims so that it all matches. All nodes are labeled so if somebody else has to take over the project or do work later on, they'll understand the signal path and decisions made.

I hope to have more to say about this for Stig in the future, so hang in there.

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