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  1. Nico is a nice guy and has been working on the site for a while. If you're looking for additional training outside of Lowepost, BMD, Mixing Light, etc, its def worth a look.
  2. With the release of Resolve 16.0 official, I wanted to confirm that all of the PowerGrades in the Vol. 1 Collection are 100% compatible. That said, we will soon be releasing an free update with additional PowerGrade presets that take advantage of the new features of Resolve 16.
  3. Absolutely LOVE watching these! I learn an incredible amount from watching other colorists work. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Absolutely LOVE watching these! I learn an incredible amount from watching other colorists work. Thanks for sharing!
  5. That’s a fantastic suggestion. Look for that addition in the next update. Thank you for sharing! I’ve learning a lot about LAB from your posts here and on LGG.
  6. As I guess you can't edit previous posts, I wanted to provide an updated link as the free PowerGrades link changed. Please use the below link to access the 8 Free PowerGrads. Sorry for any inconvenience. 8 Free PowerGrades for Download
  7. Too bad, that app isnt available on the US app store
  8. Thanks for that feedback. I’ll try and add some more samples, including more that are neutral, so you can get a better idea of how they look.
  9. That is one of several references I used. I built them on a variety of source footage, evaluated and tweaked them on charts, and tested them back on the same group of test images.
  10. Thanks for sharing, that's great feedback. I'll likely adjust the website text to better represent the product and hopefully avoid any future confusion, as that's certainly not my goal. While I don't have a team like FilmConvert (love them btw!), accuracy across a variety of cameras and the "open" nature of my product are still quite important to me. If I omitted the words "custom" and "preset", would it be less confusing? I simply want it to be clear that they include support for both Rec709 and log sources. On a related subject, would you find certain having certain "tweaks" built
  11. Well, I'll take a step back and mention that all the "look" PowerGrades were designed for a Rec709 source image. The workflow I'm suggesting is to rely on Resolve's built-in color management (via the CST effect) to transform any log sources to Rec709 prior to applying a look, so they should all in a single color space (Rec709) at that point. I haven't done any camera-specific corrections (such as correcting the Alexa matrix, correcting the red in Sony S-Log, etc) outside of the color transform, but if it's common feedback I'll definitely consider adding it as a free update.
  12. Hi Abby! Nothing too crazy, I’m utilizing an instance of the Color Space Transform to get the image into a Rec709 colorspace prior to applying a look. I included the Arri LogC to Rec709 Transform PowerGrades in the sample pack, if you’re curious.
  13. Hey LowePost Community, As I'm sure all of you know, having a personal PowerGrade preset library can be an incredibly useful, time-saving tool. That said, it takes a lot of time to put them together, keep them organized, updated, etc, so I decided to do something a bit different. In an effort to create a basic "toolset" that most could use as a starting point for their PowerGrade Library, I started developing PixelTools about 6 months ago. Today, I'm thrilled to announce the release of PixelTools Vol 1 PowerGrades Collection. Consisting of 100+ PowerGrades