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Hey Lowepost Team,

thank you for all the great courses you offer. While I just finished the Fairlight Basic Course, I have a good understanding how the main tools work.

However, when it comes to work with Audio creatively, I'm still green behind my ears and normally send it off to an Audio Post House. 

There are situations however, where the budget doesn't allow me to get external folks involved and I would love to earn creative ways to work with audio such as improving your VO or OCD, use of the effects library, more advanced ways of noise reduction, etc.

Same as you do for Color when going more into specifics about Skin retouching or for Fusion when you talk about Sky replacements, etc.

Even if there was some content on your Insider page watching Audio Mixers/Sound Designers working would be amazing! 

Thank you in advance and I hope you will consider my idea.

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