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  1. That guy isn't worth it imo. Too much bs and "cinematic"-phrases to grab attention.
  2. You would use the resolve day sky in a commercial? I'm talking about building a scene with using all the tools that a green screen makes possible. For example the scene with the pillars. There you could have changed the BG, showing how to use tracking marks, keying so that there are no green/blue fringes and coloring it so that it looks real and not fake etc.
  3. Great course. Tho a short real world example/tutorial would have been nice. But I'm asking myself why I should use the chroma or ultra keyer when the delta keyer gives a MUCH better result? It seems to me that with chroma/ultra keyer the results always looks amateurish and fake. Am I missing something or how do you get convincing results here? Thanks.
  4. In. Looking for something like this too. For now I always calculated the spots relative to the aspect ratio.
  5. Definitely in! Would be awesome to have something like that.
  6. So here is my node tree for that: I tried to incorporate the mask that is sitting free at the left side of the tree and played arround with that. But doesn't really work when I attach it to the free effect mask inputs. Either the arm gets cut off and you just see the static/original one or the whole subject rotates when I invert the mask.
  7. Thank you! I did it with lots of merge and tansform nodes and some masks. But now I got double arms in my final project. The static ones from the main subject and the moving arms which I animated. I tried to mask those static arms out, but I don't know where to put the mask or what to do to get rid of those static elements. Any idea? And when rendering the rendered clip is super glitchy even tho it's looking right in fusion (except of the problem above).
  8. Hey, I just wanted to animate some pictures and I was looking for a tool like the puppet pin tool from After Effects with which you can put "joints" in your subject and animate them. Is there such a tool in Fusion? I just found the grid warp tool, but that's not as precisely as the puppet tool. Thanks!
  9. Is there already a release date in your mind? thanks.