DCP Conversion Issue (Urgent Help)

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I was working on mastering  DCP of a feature through Resolve, I used inbuilt free Kakadu Format.

When i went to theatre for DCP preview, it all looks faded and highlights are clipping alot. Some red colors have shifted to green. 

Plz help me, i need advice on how to master dcp without any color conversion error since the release date is scheduled in 2-3 days.

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Great question.  First, when you've exported your master, are you seeing it XYZ color space?  You'll know as the colors will look all muted in whatever player you're viewing the DCP in.  Also, are you mastering the DCP in Resolve, or exporting your master file, then creating the DCP in another application?  Let me know, and I'll try to help troubleshooting.


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I could tell by the images right away that something was wrong, as they should look like the below





That's what the proper conversion looks like.  Are you exporting for Flat or Scope, as you haven't chosen one.




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 Choose 2048 X 858 DCI Scope under Timeline Resolution, then Image Scaling - Input Scaling - Mismatched Resolution files - Scale Full frame with crop. (that is if your video source is 1.78 with 2.39 letterbox)

Then I would suggest Data Levels to Full, not auto, it seems to me Resolve is choosing Video levels instead, but it's hard to tell because Resolve could also be applying the wrong Video Levels while reading it.

It's best to test on an external DCP player app.


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18 hours ago, BHARAT KHANNA said:

I mastered using these settings


Just to add my 2 cents into this discussion...

If you are intending to set the format to scope (which has already been explained as 2048x858) I would also set the DCP to use Interop packaging as this is the most compatible with the majority of older projectors.

Also I would dial-down the Max bite rate to something around 200 Mbits as I've heard that some projectors can struggle with data rates of 250 Mbit/sec.

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