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  1. Hey Adrian, Your offline editor needs to provide you with a two channel stereo mix of the locked offline, whether the audio has a final mix or not, for you to use as your reference. Don't worry about whatever came in with the XML file. Unlink it and delete it. Have him/her WeTransfer it to you so you can get it ASAP. KPM
  2. Hey Adrian, Ahhh....the age old question. Interlace or progressive. Here are some questions you need to know from the client/offline editor: What was the format of the original project What format are you delivering Is this a multi-rate project? If you're saying that everything was shot 1080 50i, all your footage should be upper field dominant (I'm basing this on 1080i 29.97/59.94 footage - NTSC - is upper field dominant), and that is what your project should be set up to be, and sent back to FCPX as. I'd just get confirmation before you start doing anything. KPM
  3. Hey Adrian, When bringing in footage from Premiere or FCPX, Resolve does normally pick the right folder. The easiest way to figure out if it did or not, is to (assuming you're in the Edit module), simply open the Media Pool, select a clip, then open the Metadata window, and take a look at the resolution of the clip. What you'll also see in the Metadata window is the location of the file, which will help you narrow down if it's coming from the correct folder or not. With that being said, you will definitely want to use the Original Media, and not the transcoded media. Let me know if you have any other questions KPM