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Resolve windows bug

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Hi all! 

It's now a couple of months that I have set up my windows workstation. 

So far everything it's fine, in still getting used to few things but it's running smooth. 

I'm finding few bugs here and there and I wanted to check was my problem or it's a common issue. 

For example :

In the deliver page, choosing a render folder, when i right click in the explorer/finder window to create a new folder, DaVinci crashes. 

Once reopened it doesnt happen no more. 

Anyone else has this problem? 




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What hardware (CPU, RAM, GPU, disk i/o)? What OS? What kind of source material (codec, bit-depth)? What timeline resolution?

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it's  on all windoze machines, no matter the cpu/gpu etc etc

super e-z workaround is to make the folder with the os, does not effect me much as i use a fixed folder structure already, so any folder i need is more than likely already there

dev's know about it, hopefully it gets sorted sooner or later, but there's bigger bugs to sort first IMHO, like ACES on all os's after 15.2.2 needs some lurve

they know about that as well....

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