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  1. I would with pulling a key for the highlights and make sure you give yourself enough roll off to smooth it out. Can always add a slight denoise or blur if it gets choppy. From there make all your adjustments with the highlights isolated before going into LLG and use that to smooth Might also have luck removing the CT on the clip prior to the pipeline and putting a CT in a node after adjustments. I’ve done this and blended back parts of the image later down the road.
  2. Well it seems I have to admit my own defeat.. Jumped the gun too fast! My BLE track was shifted up due to some graphics and it was the reason I was being thrown off and unable to F5/F6 to the next clip. Cheers! Happy Grading!
  3. Apologies everyone on the title. Was thinking of a better way to title it. Maybe I am missing something, or it's just not possible, but I'm having slight frustration with subdividing a section or scene and then having to exit back out of BLE to Avid to adjust something, and now having to go into each shot separately. Situation generally is: Throw BLE on filler, jump in and subdivide along all edit points. Working along, going shot to shot. But I have to step out of BLE to adjust something on the TL. Now I'm essentially stuck with having to go into the effect editor on each shot instead of just breezing along like I was. Is there a setting to allow for this? I feel like the answer is no, because technically you are launching an AVX for that particular clip/fill.. But I couldn't wonder if there was a way to have BLE search the timeline for other instances of the plug-in or not. It's probably the only downfall I feel for BLE.
  4. Thanks, hopefully the teams can smooth it out for better rendering/playback.
  5. I know this is a 2 year old comment, but is it in baselight now?
  6. No matter how long I've used Avid or any program for that matter, I always watch a McAuliffe tut. For which I always find myself saying "Let's tab into ______. and let's get started."