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  1. Hello, sometimes during work resolve loses dongle connection, after that software doesn’t keep the saved the project I’m on centos 7,4 Autodesk Rev. Thanks.
  2. Anti-smoking advertising

    Produced by: One Man Studio Production
    Director: Ani Sharambeyan
    DP: Mihran Stepanyan
    VFX/Post/Finishing: One Man Studio

  3. This is a breakdown for commercial new quest "Guardians: The Heart of Aramazd" by Terra Epica . This commercial was a great experience of shooting in chroma key and getting a realistic result. One of the major goals is a production in a low budget and very tight deadlines. Ten days of preproduction, one shooting day, a month of postproduction. This was possible using Autodesk Flame in all stages of post production: editing, CG and Vfx, finishing.

  4.                                                                    www.oneman.studio/mihran-stepanyan