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  1. Right here, number 11 (last one):
  2. Hey guys. The discount link for FrameIO actually links to FilmConvert. What's the discount code for FrameIO? Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much Walter for sharing your hard-earned wisdom and experience. This is incredibly valuable. I think you usually work with a timeline set to Ari LogC so that the tools behave closely to how they behave with Cineon log film scans..? Where do you do the color space transform for clips that are not in Ari LocC (other camera types, VFX shots etc)? In a pre-group node perhaps? And the final color space transform is on a timeline node probably?
  4. Nice one, always great to see how a colorist works specifically. And in the case of the TV, quickly. 12-16 hours for 700 shots. He mentions he’s working in classical YRGB, no color management, with timeline set to Rec709 gamma 2.4. How does he get the Alexa from LogC to Rec709? I guess he just does it manually with Lift Gamma and Gain?