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  1. Thanks for your detailed answer! Since you own the BMD Micro and considered to buy the Wave 2 now do you think you would've been better off at the start with the Wave or do you think the BMD Micro was worth it to buy because of the much better build quality and so on? I don't think i'll be using more than DaVinci in the near future but to have the possibility to do so is really helpful.
  2. Hey! I’ve been looking to buy a grading panel for a while now and considered the Blackmagic Micro Panel as well as the Tangent Wave 2 as a good option for my budget but can’t really decide which one to take and which one would fit better for my needs as i am a student which just goes into the grading direction and wants to make this to my profession. I'm curious to hear from you guys for which one you would decide and the benefits of those in detail. Greetings, Jacob