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  1. @John Parker Hey John, I was wondering if I am using FC Nitrate for grain only, will the grain still be applied correctly to a log image, in terms of your luma based algorithms for applying the grain? I have selected Arri LogC for my profile, and just was curious with film color and contrast turned off and grain at 100 strength, is the grain being applied based on the log luma values, and is 100 strength considered the most true representation of the film grain when taking the algorithm into consideration? I am going after an authentic workflow, so I apply my grain to my log/negative image and then add my PFE. I read your grain is applied to the color channels and luma values through an algorithm that accurately mimics real film grain.
  2. You can write them about it - they will sell you the luts (which were in the original version) in cube form, or they did for me at least. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have been searching everywhere for a good method of doing rolling shutter repair/removal but haven’t had any luck. Any ofx plugins or methods people recommend? The best i found was a fuse from 2012 for Fusion(I dont really know fusion yet, but could maybe dabble for a single premade effect)..but i could not make it work, and i also read it may not work with future updates. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This is on their website now...
  5. Awesome! Thank you for the update - I am looking forward to this one.
  6. @John Parker Thanks, John! Yeah I have tried Juan's tutorial which has worked decently well for me. Can't wait to have correct camera profiling to bring out a more accurate film match!
  7. @John Parker Any update on when the cineon scans will be available? Excited about this one..
  8. @Jussi Rovanperä Ahhh very good to know! Those bits of info aren't always easily available, so thanks for clarifying!
  9. I see a lot of talk about people suggesting linearizing footage in between colorspace transforms for more accuracy. My question is if this process is still necessary with CST in resolve, since it works differently than luts would. I am simply trying to go from Rec709 to Cineon Log gamma and curious if linearization between this conversion would help, i.e. Rec709 to Linear then Linear to Cineon Log. I am grading under a PFE if that makes any difference to anyone.
  10. @Jannik Altgen @Nicolas Hanson Thank you for the explanations! I understand what Emily was saying now.
  11. @Emily Haine Sorry for the naivety, but could you elaborate a bit on what you mean by pivoting the deepest blacks toward mids? Or more so, what is the best tool to make this adjustment? I guess I am unclear on if you literally mean bring your black point up or something else. Thanks, Jeremy
  12. @Emily Haine I just signed up the other day! Im excited to learn fusion, it will be such a valuable tool.
  13. @Nicolas Hanson Thank you for the response. Glad to know I am on the right track - I definitely want to become more familiar and versed in Fusion, it seems super powerful.