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  1. Jeremy Dulac

    Film Stock LUTS

    @John Parker Any update on when the cineon scans will be available? Excited about this one..
  2. Jeremy Dulac

    Linearize between Colorspace Transforms

    @Jussi Rovanperä Ahhh very good to know! Those bits of info aren't always easily available, so thanks for clarifying!
  3. Jeremy Dulac

    Linearize between Colorspace Transforms

    I see a lot of talk about people suggesting linearizing footage in between colorspace transforms for more accuracy. My question is if this process is still necessary with CST in resolve, since it works differently than luts would. I am simply trying to go from Rec709 to Cineon Log gamma and curious if linearization between this conversion would help, i.e. Rec709 to Linear then Linear to Cineon Log. I am grading under a PFE if that makes any difference to anyone.
  4. Jeremy Dulac

    Filmic image possible just by grading?

    @Jannik Altgen @Nicolas Hanson Thank you for the explanations! I understand what Emily was saying now.
  5. Jeremy Dulac

    Filmic image possible just by grading?

    @Emily Haine Sorry for the naivety, but could you elaborate a bit on what you mean by pivoting the deepest blacks toward mids? Or more so, what is the best tool to make this adjustment? I guess I am unclear on if you literally mean bring your black point up or something else. Thanks, Jeremy
  6. Jeremy Dulac

    Tracking a light beam matte overlay in Resolve

    @Emily Haine I just signed up the other day! Im excited to learn fusion, it will be such a valuable tool.
  7. Jeremy Dulac

    Tracking a light beam matte overlay in Resolve

    @Nicolas Hanson Thank you for the response. Glad to know I am on the right track - I definitely want to become more familiar and versed in Fusion, it seems super powerful.
  8. Hello all, I am attempting to add a light ray matte effect in Resolve, to create the effect of light rays cutting through a window in early morning. I am adding the matte as an actual file to my second layer in my edit panel and changing the blend mode to Screen from there, rather than adding the file to the media pool as a matte(perhaps this is the wrong way to do it?). The issue I am having is that my shot moves on a gimbal and I am trying to pin the matte overlay in place so it doesnt move with my shot. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to paste my point tracking data onto the matte clip (when I copy the data and then click paste on the matte file nothing happens) - or perhaps there is a better way to do it?? Any and all suggestions are welcomed! Thanks in advance for any help you could provide!
  9. Jeremy Dulac

    Simulating Film Halation

    Man this is super helpful - I just tried these techniques and they have gotten the effect I want almost perfectly. Thanks a ton for the help!
  10. Jeremy Dulac

    Simulating Film Halation

    @Orash Rahnema Thanks a ton, very helpful! I really appreciate you taking the time to show me how it works.
  11. Jeremy Dulac

    Simulating Film Halation

    @Orash Rahnema Thanks for the reply! I saw the edge detect ofx in resolve, but could'nt figure out exactly how it works as a mask...ive seen others talk about using it that way. Would you mind explaining the node structure to make it work as a mask?
  12. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on simulating film halation, i.e. the red fringing around high contrast edges - I find it to be a very pleasing effect. I understand how to create highlight blooming, which is sort of what people think of when you say halation - but the effect (which seems it is probably a bit trickier to create) of red fringing around edges is really what I am after. I have attached an image for reference. Any pointers or tips would be super appreciated!Cheers!Jeremy
  13. Jeremy Dulac

    Kodak Vision 2383 Greenery Reproduction

    @Anton Meleshkevich Right, but i spoke to them recently after Juan’s tutorial and they said they will be releasing print density versions of the film stocks without the print applied, so essentially a cineon file I believe.
  14. Jeremy Dulac

    Kodak Vision 2383 Greenery Reproduction

    I tried @cameronrad 's method through the icc profile, using AE color profile converter and it seems to produce a pretty darn nice looking cineon file, fairly close to the look of what I was getting through @Juan Melara 's tutorial on FC hidden film mode (minus the difference in film stocks, Juans tutorial is like the first quality cineon emulation I have come across online, visioncolor is kind of garbage once you really start messing with it). Definitely seeing the extra saturated greens that help counter the yellowish shift from FPE. I in know way claim to be an expert on what film stocks SHOULD look like or how accurate Adobe's Kodak icc profiles are, but I definitely like the results I am achieving. What I find interesting is the lack of quality film stock emulation on the web, but burried in AE is this profile that seems to work really well and not much info on it. Certainly far better than anything from VisionColor. FilmConvert has been reborn for me after Juan's tutorial, and they told me they should have Print Density profiles implemented before the end of the year. Very cool!