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  1. Ciao Walter, so che non puoi rivelare a tutti il grande segreto della compressione della luminanza, ma quando scriviamo in italiano nessuno lo capisce con ayayayay per favore per favore per favore
  2. Hey Walter, thanks again for sharing your knowledge! May i ask, is there any article or course or something on luma/highlight-compression you would recommend? I know there is some information here on Lowepost, but maybe a bit more in depth. Thanks, Valentin
  3. It's a function under color -> looks.... you have to try it, hard to explain. For example, I use it to get those beautiful red car lights instead of those digital magenta ones.
  4. Hi! I really like what the Autochrome function does to skin tones but it changes the other colors too much, so played around with sixvector, saturation vs lightness and keys to recreate it but i'm not getting there. Does anybody got some tips or is there a way to combine it with a key or something? -best Valentin
  5. Emily, thank you very much for your time an tips, you really helped me on this!!
  6. Ah ok, thanks a lot. Can you recommend an Article/Blog/Video on this to get a deeper insight?
  7. Hi Emily, Thank you for your answer. Yeah, I really need to start using the curves more. Also, about the right brightness and contrast, i always have the feeling that this digital vibe comes from clean or too bright highlights. May you have a look and give some input?
  8. Baselight Suite with Blackboard and Christie 4K projection
  9. Hi, I’m a young colorist from Austria and I’m currently working in one of the biggest postproduction-facilities here as a Junior Colorist. I’m working with a lot of Alexa material and find it really hard to get rid of that digital feeling (I think its something about the highlights, but I’m not sure). On this page and a lot of other sources, I’m always reading how Colorist solve this problem by using their inhouse Luts. Also Steve Yedlin, Stefan Sonnenfeld, Tom Poole, Walter Volpatto and many others are talking about Luts and how they use them. I’m aware that good lighti