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Free Flexible Kodak \ Fuji FPE PowerGrade for Resolve 17

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Hey Lowepost Community! Based on popular demand, we just released a brand new 100% FREE PowerGrade over at PixelTools

The Kodak 2383 and Fuji 3513 FPE LUTs included with Resolve have been used in literally thousands of productions, but they require a bit of technical conversion before they work properly with modern high-end cinema cameras and workflows. The process is discussed in several courses on this site, including my own, but no need to set this up for EVERY project. 

This PG sets up a fairly simple node tree that handles everything needed to set-up and properly apply either legacy FPE look-up table to modern digital cinema cameras using modern color management on a node level, specifically DaVinci Wide Gamut (DWG) until output to Rec709 G2.4.

- Manual Node-Based Color Management - Just set your camera settings in Node 2 (INPUT)
- Built-In Halation, Grain, Glow, and Film Blur
- Multi LUT design - mix & match Kodak and Fuji FPEs using Layer Node
- No Additional Plug-ins Required! Just DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4+ (Free version works just w/o Film Grain Node)

Free Download for Email Newsletter Sub (We respect your Inbox): https://pixeltoolspost.com/pages/free-powergrades

Have questions, comments or feedback after using the PowerGrade? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy grading!

Node Tree



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2 hours ago, Wietse van Bezooijen said:

Cool and thanks for this! But just looking at your website it seems that your grade is clipping colors everywhere. 

Screenshot 2022-03-06 at 22.37.00.png

That before\after still is actually a different look from our Sample Collection (Teal & Orange 1).  It designed to be quite strong at full strength, so it can easily be reduced in intensity using node opacity controls. A benefit of powergrades is they can be entirely adjusted, especially as I don't obfuscate anything.  The look is mainly built using primaries and hue curves, so pretty easily to adjust. 

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Could you elaborate please on the color management part of this power grade ? 

I'm currently mainly working in a RCM workflow, either ipp2 for Red raws, or Arri LogC to DaVinciWideGamut as a timeline color space, and rec709 as Output. 


Do I need to tweak anything in the Input node with this power grade ? 


Thanks a lot





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Hey - we chatted but I thought I'd comment here as well so this question is answered for others. The color management of this PowerGrade is manual node-based DWG. It will work in RCM, aside from the halation compound node. Simply disable the halation compound node OR replace it with the built-in halation ResolveFX and set the effect to work in DWG / DaVinci Intermediate. 

The only thing you need to adjust the INPUT node, which you set to you input camera source gamma and gamut. Everything else should be all set-up for you. 

Hope that helps! 

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