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HDR workflow - SDR deliverables in mind

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Hey everyone.  I'm at a facility where my work is solely SDR, but we've been getting more and more work requests for HDR in house.  Normally we book out to larger places like CO3 but obviously more money when we keep it inside, plus HDR grading looks like it's very fun and a necessary skill to have.

We're getting a budget together for an LG CX setup for HDR, and then using our flanders for SDR.

I have been having trouble finding out how to do a proper node setup/project setup in any kind of color managed workflow in terms of grading in HDR, and then making an SDR version after.  I'm not sure if we have the means to afford a Dolby license, but I gather HDR10+ would be good, or simply using a node tree setup with aces or CST nodes would be good?  The main problem is I can't find any good resources on a workflow or setup.  So if anyone has something as a guide that they could share that would be great.



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My understanding is that the LG OLEDS can be decently calibrated for SDR work, but are unsuitable for any sort of accurate HDR grading.

It's due to the fact that they're WOLEDS, and at higher light outputs the saturation drops off to an unacceptable level. 

I believe this topic has come up before in this forum and on the LGG forums.

I seem to remember reading that the likes of Amazon and Netfix won't sign off on a HDR grade on these monitors.

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Mixing Light has some good material on HDR. Most of it is behind a membership pay wall, but they offer a seven day trial.

In fact, I found a free one on their site which I think is the sort of thing you're looking for. Admittedly, it's dealing with Dolby Vision, but it does talk about making SDR trims.

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Hey Christian,

I have the LG CX series here and while they're amazing, I wouldn't recommend using it as your reference display for several reasons.

First, and probably the biggest is that these monitors are fluctuating in color accuracy and brightness. Take a look at the Calman Home Forum and their results in the HDR space. My display measured 678nits, others get results up to 750 or as low as 600nits. Same goes for the color space as well. You see anything from 82% to 95% (those are just numbers I saw in my research but I'm sure there's other results out there).  I had mine professionally calibrated here in LA and I'm incredibly happy with the results. I use my CX as my client monitor and I know that CO3 has a few of those hanging around as well for that purpose. 

Those monitors won't get you Dolby Vision approved and depending on who you're delivering to, this might become a crucial factor. Now, if your goal is to grade HDR for web, go for it! I now do that all day long and clients are loosing their mind. I normally hand them an iPad which goes up to around 600nits and holds its colors pretty well. Most people consume their content on those retina apple displays anyway. If that is your final delivery, I claim that the CX is more than enough while keeping an eye on your scopes .  

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