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Baselight bypasses lift, gamma, and gain

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Baselight 5.0 will be equipped with a new control set that they think is a more natural and instinctual approach than lift, gamma, and gain. What do you think about that? I'm dying to try it but I think it will be hard to let go of the old basic primary controls. In their announcement they state that the new control set mimics the way the eye ‘appreciates’ colour, so this is going to be interesting. 

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On 28/08/2016 at 9:27 PM, Andy Minuth said:

For example BaseGrade will not offer just one control for highlights, but several highlight regions, which is probably necessary to effectively sculpt a HDR output. 


I saw a demo of Baselight 5 at the Filmlight's offices in London about a month ago. I can confirm that the BaseGrade's way of splitting the picture up into zones seems very flexible, not only for HDR but also for regular SDR images.


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awesome article Andy!

i've been using L*a*b in Resolve for a while now, and more recently  in BLE -  both myself and my cleints and find the resualts to bring us close to our happy place quickly

a questions for you if you have the time;

where are the diffrences between using R-Lab and Basegrade?

mainly the 4 zones and interactive surface mapping?

or are the maths substaintily diffrent under the hood?

next - a question about the article it's self, when you talked about Filmgrade + exposure you mentioned exposure not being truly linear due to input log curves, when in AP1 with raw sources is exposure also non-linear?

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It's difficult to point out the differences between RLab and Base Grade, because these are two completely different things. RLab is a colour space in Baselight, which You can use for special processing. And Base Grade is a colour grading operator. 

About Exposure: It depends on the working colour space, the source colour space is irrelevant in that case. I am not a colour scientist but AFAIK: For ACEScc it should work linear, but for the other usual log transfer functions like Cineon, LogC, S-LogX, etc. it will not.

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