Randy Hale

No joy with Baselight and Wave 2 in MC

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I am a long time Avid editor (c.1994). A while back I purchased the Wave 2 and was unable to get it to talk to the Baselight software.I gave up after both Tangent and Filmlight support were unable to assist me. I have a bit of time now and would love to get these two talking to each other. Can anyone here steer me towards a solution?

I work on an iMac Pro, running Mojave. I have the latest versions of Tangent Hub and Baselight. Baselight opens and works within Avid. Tangent hub allows me to program the Wave2 buttons for Avid functions, but when I select "Filmlight" in the drop down menu of tangent hub it gives the prompt "controls in FilmLight are fixed and cannot be changed".   


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Hi Randy

I understand that you've been speaking to the Tangent Support team and you now have your Wave2 panel running with Baselight. I'm therefore posting this for others to see who might need the same info. 

Jussi's advice is correct. Baselight doesn't support Tangent's Managed API and therefore all the controls are defined by the application and can't be changed. However the Wave2 (also Element and Ripple panels) do work with Baselight and the Baselight plugins, as determined by Filmlight. 

I've attached a snip of the page from the Baselight user manual which contains the configuration instructions.


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