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How to get the best deliverable file to Vimeo

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Hi guys,

I'm sure that here or on the other millions forum around this subject has been discussed a lot, unfortunately i still can't find a proper answer.

How do you compress to get a file that has the right specs to go on, let's say, vimeo.

Every time i upload a file I feel it's just not right. It suffer from vimeo compression and become a little soft, mushy. If i upload something that has grain, the grain get completely destroyed.

But then I see on vimeo some stunning videos that looks pristine.


So, I have tried h264 straight in Davinci, in HD going from 10000 up to 30000 kb/sec (vimeo suggests 10 to 20K for HD)

I have tried compressor, handbrake, different settings and stuff.

I always get the same results. I just can keep the quality.

So, How do you guys do it?

Did you find a successful workflow, do you upload straight PR422HQ?

I wish someone could help me on this, sometimes it feel more like witchcraft.



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I have done a lot of testing with various material and it's possible to gain just as good results with mp4 on Vimeo. They reduce the subsampling date anyway to whatever they prefer (less than 4:4:4). I prefer to set the bitrate to at least 12Mbps. You don't have to pay much attention to if the bitrate encoding is set to VBR og CBR or different passes, it doesn't matter much and you will not notice it. 

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