Mark Wagner

Baselight Look to Avid Baselight Editions roundtrip?

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just found the answer myself:

  • Projects created in Baselight Look can not be imported into a full Baselight system or into Baselight Editions (and vice-versa).

too bad...i would pay for that functionality ;)


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This raises the interesting question of whether Filmlight would ever release a software-only version of Baselight that could be purchased for a few thousand dollars.

I'm betting it wouldn't take too much recoding to allow these features to be implemented in Baselight Look.

At the moment the only 'software' versions are the Editions for Avid, Nuke etc. and these are unsurprisingly  hampered by the limitations of the host software.  Having worked with the Avid Editions plugin, once you get to grips with the somewhat quirky interface, it has some nice features which set it apart from Resolve.

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