Michael Tebinka

ACES and 3D Video Monitor LUT incompatibility in Resolve ?

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Hi all, hope all is well.

I was testing a workflow with ACES and everything looks great up until I choose to use a Video Monitor LUT that holds the reference monitor calibration. Like a sudden switch it distorts not only the colors and saturation on the external monitor but also the viewer within the GUI. It only seems the applied LUT is causing this issue and I would like to understand what is causing this. Is there a workaround? Do you have to store your monitor LUT in any different way?

Settings used are:

Color science: ACEScct
ACES Version: ACES 1.1
ACES Input Device Transform: No Input Transform
ACES Output Device Transform: Rec. 709
Process Node LUTs in: ACEScc AP1 Timeline Space

Lookup tables used:
3D Video Monitor LUT for an Eizo CX271


Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Michael

the problem is where you are placing your lut, most likely

in aces a "normal" lut cannot be used within the node tree, you either convert it to an aces lut, which is not as simple as it said,

Otherwise  since it is a monitor calibration lut I would suggest it to load it to the "3d video monitor output" in the color managment tab (that should come after the odt, so should not create problems) or straight into the monitor.

hope that helps you


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Hi Orash, yes as mentioned the monitor LUT is placed in color management settings for the particular project and not in a node tree.

How does a conversion to an ACES LUT look like? What is the recommended workflow there - which also poses another question - does monitor calibration look entirely different when calibrating for an ACES workflow?

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